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Illustrator Emrich Co.

An extensive excerpt from Creativity Inc, inside The Pixar Braintrust

 Pieter Hugo's strikingly 'pushed' photographic series There's a Place in Hell for Me and my Friends

U.K. Studio Grafiky

And a call out to all those who, like me, banded together to waste literally years of our lives playing the first great MMORPG, driving work mates mad with the tales of our exploits the night before and watching my fellow players out level me... Happy 15th Anniversary Everquest! (I played an 'Iksar' lizard man and insisted on writing all my 'S's' with a rolling hiss- Joy!)

As the in-house graphic artist at THQ, I worked on a video game called Deepak Chopra's Leela... I remember thinking (quietly) at the time it was a stupid idea and as we were all redundant within 6 months I guess I was right... So was this guy who featured it on The Internet's most horrible items. A daily blog  (see the pillow slip above available on Amazon, which would actually make a pretty hilarious 'ironic' gift'). Worth a read for Drew's comments alone!

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