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White Knuckle Ride...

OK Go know how to do a video clip and here's the latest... White Knuckles!

Check out a couple of their previous fantastic (and well known) clips!

This Too Shall Pass
Here It Goes Again

Portal: No Escape

I’m a late but enthusiastic convertee to the video game Portal and wondered how you could make a film about that wonderful game… I guess someone else took it one step further Portal: No Escape 


From Flowtown; an amusing chart of your Geek evolution.


Acclaimed photographic journalist Balazs Gardi’s Hipstamatic iPhone documentation of the Afghanistan conflict.


sternschachtel, lilie, kranich

The State of the Australian Games Industry

Here's a great article on Kotaku AU concerning the state of the Australian games development industry.

Game Over Man!

I’m an unapologetic Aliens nut and a fan of a simple FPS, so this looks like fun. Game Trailer: Aliens: Colonial Marines

DC Rebooted

DC is taking the bold move of rebooting it's entire stable, here's the new lineup of their logos. Shall be interesting to see what they do!

Movie Trailer: Carnage


Jack White School of Business

I'm a big fan of the White Stripes but was still surprised by the insightful Jack White School of Business

"True creativity is born of a struggle of some kind. Build a strong framework you believe in and the limitations will empower you. Put a deadline on that meeting. Limit that product to only three features. Constrain. Ship the damn thing."

When I grow up, I want to be a Monster!

This Superbowl Ad for monster.com; ‘When I grow up…’ makes me relaise how lucky I am to have a job that I love...

Short Interviews With Famous People.

Short interviews with famous people.

"Do you ever feel any pressure to keep things fun on set?"

I feel that pressure in life. Actually I don’t feel like it’s a pressure, it’s sort of an obligation – not to entertain and be funny but to have a certain levity. I don’t mean in terms of just being jocular, I mean that there’s got to be a lightness in your way. There has to be a lightness; you have to be as light as you can be and not get weighed down and stuck in your emotion, stuck in your body, stuck in your head. You just want to always be trying to elevate somehow. Bill Murray"

Sibling Rivalry

An interesting photographic project where one family member’s face is contrast against another with a bit of Photoshop magic…


4X4 Pixles

How many Pixels does it take to change a light bulb? I'm not sure but David Stoll believes he can communicate a character in 16 pixels.

Minimalist Muppets

Eric Slager's Minimalist Muppets

A-Z of Awesomeness

Neil Cameron's Awesome A-Z of Awesomeness. Awesome.

Monsterous Illustrations

A gorgeous series of 'Monster' illustrations on Family Tree.

The Home of Missy

I actually went to University with this guy who has long since 'gone viral' with his rather fantastic site 27b/6. It's a must read for any harassed designer and definitely a must read for those who make a designers life difficult (and more than likely don't realise it).

I only wish I hadn't had very similar conversations with clients and co-workers...


Go Make Me A Sandwich

I only just discovered the statement 'go make me a sandwich' and all it implies; I guess it's just not part of my (Antipodean perhaps) meme. I also just discovered the site; Go Make Me A Sandwich which proclaims 'How not to sell games to women'.
It's an interesting and important site which draws attention to women's body issues and their general representation in video, board and roleplaying games.

I think it can be a little pedantic at times and what IS an important, relevant issue sometimes gets obscured by the noise  (and I can't say I personally agree with all the posts)... BUT, it is a very thorough and passionate coverage of the industry and its author makes no apologies nor disguises the fact that it is a proactive,sometimes extreme feminist point of view in balance of an industry that ofttimes struggles with it's appalling portrayal of women.

As an artist in video games and a roleplayer and the father of a daughter, it is good to read something that makes you think about those issues; issues I've been considering myself in my own art of late.

Anyway, if you're a gamer or an artist it's an interesting read.


Bye Bye Blue Tongue

As some of you know, THQ has closed two of its development studios in Australia. This is just more devastating news for an already imploding local games industry and my thoughts go out to the some 200 employees who have lost their jobs. 

To me, as a veteran of Australian video games development, Blue Tongue had always been one of the bastions of the the local industry and its demise is a great shame.

But I would like to share this simple, classy farewell image that appears when you link to the website from what was one of Australia’s biggest studios.

Paper Dolls

A gorgeous collection of paper dolls from some of my favourite T.V. series by Kyle Hilton. Check em out!

Sweet Meat

Meat as dessert; excuse me while I compose myself... Sorry Maya...

Beijing 2008

Alright, so I'm less than enthusiastic about any type of 'Games' but here's a stunning shoot from the 2008 Beijing games three weeks prior to kickoff...


Artist, designer, illustrator, photographer: Spaceknuckle.

Dungeons and Dragons and Sweet Indie Pop Songs.

A surprisingly sweet tribute in song to one of my favourite things; Dungeons & Dragons.

Movie Trailer: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

<a href='http://video.msn.com?vid=4eb189e9-5402-4080-be75-df5d3ed96b68&mkt=en-gb&src=FLPl:embed::uuids' target='_new' title='Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: Exclusive Movie Trailer' >Video: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: Exclusive Movie Trailer</a>

16 Bit Game of Thrones

For anyone who's a fan of the incredible Song of Ice and Fire  novel series or the equally faithful and stunning T.V. series that followed, you might enjoy this 16 bit video game tribute that does a surprisingly good job of summing the whole thing up in a couple of minutes... SPOILER!


The Evolution of the Hipster

Whilst 'Hipster' bashing is getting a bit old (maybe) here's a couple of guys who have found a kind of insight in the matter. I am smitten at the new found genius of Glove and Boots...

2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games Pictograms

Watching any kind of 'games' is the closest thing I can thin of to experiencing a lobotomy but...go have a look at the new pictograms for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games on Creative Review by Tangent. Or check out the spiffy home site.


The Gilliam Process

Terry Gilliam talking shop...

Get Down... On The Gruen Transfer

As a fanboy of the Gruen Transfer, now back on television, you'll see an increasing number of posts from the show. Here's a pulled Youtube parody of the painful Coles supermarket adverts on TV here in Australia.

Dogs Shaking...

Take a look over at LOST AT E MINOR at these incredible freeze frame photographs of Dogs shaking the spittle!

Movie Trailer: Twixt

Raise No Chicken

A fabulous designer and illustrator over at Raise No Chicken.

GTA IV Mod: Pick the Differnce...

Not a fan of the game, but can you pick the real street photos from the screen-shots with this GTA IV Mod?  Pretty stunning stuff...