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Pantone People

A cool project by Angelica Dass matching people to Pantone colours.

A Lecture with Charlie Kaufman

A sensational and inspiring BAFTA lecture by Being John Malkovich screenwriter Charlie Kaufman

Last Day to Make a D Tee

Today is the last day for voting on my my Mr Mensters of the Universe T-Shirt so, if you haven't already, and you can spare five minutes:

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Movie Trailers

Better go get that coffee, we have a few to get through here...
The Day (Post Apocalyptic with a twist -I think)
Grabbers (British Comedy/Horror)
The Master (Another hyper intense Paul Thomas Anderson)
Man of Steel (Rebooting the Reboot)
Branded (I'm not actually sure this IS a real movie but...)
Jayne Mansfield's Car
Life Of Pi

Celebrity Photography: Dean Chalkley

Spectacular and sometimes familiar photography of celebrity (and the not so famous) by Dean Chalkley


Help Make D's Latest Tee!

My Mr Mensters of the Universe T-Shirt was successfully submitted to Threadless and is up for scoring for the next 7 days!
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Wall Murals: Agostino Iacurci

Wall Murals and other great work by Agostino Iacurci


Photofit: Self-Portraits

From Studio8 Design's website, this awesome project...
A project for The Guardian Weekend Magazine by Matt Willey and Giles Revell. Fourteen people were asked to create self-portraits, using a police Photofit kit from the 1970s, without referring to photographs or mirror images of themselves. They were then interviewed by Philip Oltermann on the subjects of identity and the self.


A Tumblr Blog dedicated to Choose your Own Adventure Deaths... Ahhh, memories...

Written By A Kid

Stop motion animations Written by Kids (and in this case starring Joss Whedon) updated every Wednesday.


New T-Shirt Design, now available on RedBubble. Submitted it to Threadless & TeeFury so I may need to  I to recruit your vote soon!


The Walking Dead Season 3 Sleepwalk with Me Oz: The Great and Powerful

Papercraft: Helen Musselwhite

Papercraft illustration by Helen Musselwhite

Photographer: Nick Dawes

Nick Dawes', studies of common Britain.

Graphic Design

Studio I AM ALWAYS HUNGRY posting 40 projects over 40 days.

Very dynamic work by Studio Forma & Co


The New DFolio

I've been busy over the last few weeks relocating my webfolio to a new site that I hope looks a lot slicker, and better communicates my work. It still requires a few tweaks so please take a look, and let me know what you think...

 Otherwise, I hope you enjoy...


It also goes without saying that if you have some work available, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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Robocop (Viral teaser)
Rise of the Guardians
Comes A Bright Day
William Shatner's Get a Life
H+ (A new digital series by Bryan Singer)

Graphic Design

Blog for lettering artist Mathew Tapia

Studio: Atipus
Studio: BVD


SWTOR Free! (sort of)

Star Wars: The Old Republic has gone free to play up top level 15, check it out...

Or check out this Star Wars Fun Run!

Blood And Milk

Frédéric Fontenoy uses blood and milk to adapt the Paper marbling (using pigments on a shallow canvas of water) technique.

Penny Arcade Sells Out

One of the worlds leading and most prolific webcomics has initiated this interesting kickstarter(though with some pretty lacklustre if amusing rewards), aiming to rid itself of all advertising on their site (which currently keeps them and over a dozen employees employed). They are an inspiration to me as a creative, so I'll be interested to see how this pans out.
Regardless, it's a fantastic web comic that I read and listen to (its videocasts); though perhaps only of interest to the 'videogame and pop culture like-minded' (explicit)

Embroidered Portraits: Cayce Zavaglia

Embroidered Portraits by Cayce Zavaglia



I've just finished listening to friend and ex-colleague; Paul Houlihan's Podcast, the Paperockcast. Going strong at eight episodes, it's a good production with a relaxing if spirited 'on the couch' style discussion of games new and old- As well as finishing up with a regular Group gaming session... Check it out (explicit).

Movie Trailers

Jack Reacher
To go with the re-do of Total Recall, it's a recall of Total Recall

War of the Worlds

I just recently finished H.G Wells' War of the Worlds and apart from being an absolutely fantastic (and recommended) read it reminded me of the equally great Orson Wells radio play of the same book was that of course rather controversially had a few people wondering if an alien invasion was imminent. Check out the 1938 Halloween broadcast...

Fair Go Bro!

In this new 'Fair Go Bro' Virgin campaign, meet Doug Pitt, the second most famous Pitt in his family.

Graphic Design

Studio Iamalwayshungry is rolling out 40 projects over 40 days (currently 10 in)

Animated posters and other great stuff by Iain Action on this dynamic website.


The Star Wars That I Used to Know

If you're familiar with the rather stunning Gotye 'Somebody That I Used To Know ' (featuring Kimbra) track and you're a Star Wars fan still smarting from the prequels, you might enjoy the below parody by teddiefilms

Videogame Trailers: TF2

TF2 (Team Fortress 2) is a great, free to play, multiplayer FPS (First Person Shooter) with a long history. My real interest in it is the art direction; which apart from a gorgeous, highly stylised design aesthetic carries over wonderfully into the various 'promo' videos which introduce each character. They are cartoonly violent, dark humoured and a stand out example of how to holistically create a video game universe and experience... and so enjoyable to watch.

The Pyro (above) has just been released but check out the other videos. Also, have a look at this interesting and powerful open source movie maker used by Valve to create these movies!

Typewriter Symphony