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Game: Shape Type

If you like the kerning game a few posts back, you’ll love this: Shape Type

Hans Solderer

The Hans Solderer by Craig Smith.

Thou art a vain, swag-bellied nut-hook!

Shakespeare Insult kit

What ever happened to Sid?

I just discovered this little visual titbit, Pixar’s reveal as to what happened to Toy Story’s Sid.

Poster Design: DKNG Studios

A fantastic studio at the cutting edge of poster design.

Illustrator: Linzie Hunter

A sweet Illustrator and typophile: Linzie Hunter

Ms. Vespa

This has been around a while and it’s not for retail (yet) this stunning (if less than safe) Vespa helmet  was the Bronze Ideas award winner in 2010

Wedding Rings for a Nice Men

Empire Strikes Back wedding rings

The X-Ray Chapel

Vintage Saftey

Vintage ‘It’s great to be alive’ safety manual.

Then Black Temple

Friend and fellow creative Cameron Crichton is in preproduction of a project in which ‘fantasy and heavy metal collide in this animated, psychedelic quest of barbarians, she-demons and monsters’: The Black Temple

Walking Dead Season 2

Season 2 of The Walking Dead has started.I thought season 1 was good (if not as good as I hoped), but the first episode of S2 was Zombieliscious… Check it out (if you can)

I would also recommend the still ongoing comic that it is based on, but with a warning that even for the most jaded Zombiphile, it makes the T.V. series look like Twilight; that is some cold blooded, merciless shit…

Movie Trailers

Trailer: Chronicle Trailer: The Flowers Of War

Last minute masks for Halloween?

Star Wars Masks from 1983


Movie Trailers

London Boulevard Tintin Sherlock Holmes 2 A Game of Shadows

MASSter Blaster

I'm a MASSive fan of the Mass Effect series, and was very excited to see that you can buy your own M-8 Avenger Assault Rifle from Mass Effect3... Now all I gotta find is a spare $600+

Do you live in a tent?!

Photos taken from the inside of tents…

Paper Monsters

Make your own 3D paper-folded Monster candy dispenser!

Illustrator: Kali Ciesmier

The reserved palette and handworked lines of Illustrator: Kali Ciesmier

Easy being green it isn't...

Another wonderful illustration by Peter De Seve

Pop SculPture by Calvin Ma

The bizarre sculptural forms of pop culture by Calvin Ma

Illustrator: Sean Dove

A clever and fun illustrator: Sean Dove

Illustrator Sarah Watts

Gorgeous, linear, minnachromatic illustration of Sarah Watts

Illustrator: Bill Mayer

A stunning, highly conceptual as well as technically diverse illustrator: Bill Mayer.


Illustrator: Jing Wei

Gorgeous gentle characters and concepts by Illustrator: Jing Wei

Cereal Killers

Artist and propagandist Ron English created these great cereal boxes and put them on the shelves!

Biker PCout

A Dutch gaming site recently had a competition to mod a Corsair 600T case and THIS one really caught my eye… Too bad they’re not real…

I'm about to EXPLODE... at this Jacket!

Bdop, bdip, bdop (get it?)… An Akira jacket for sale? Kanawesome!

Kern Me baby…

A little Kerning game. Kerning is of course the spacing between letters in a word. For the layman, the trick is to space them so that the negative space is visually, evenly proportioned- good luck!

The Little Prosthetic

WETA (Lord Of The Rings) helps produce a mermaid prosthetic

Master of Ceremonies

This fantastic company offers Viewmaster wedding invitations (among other things)!

Movie Trailers

Fingers crossed this is more than the sum of it's already pretty awesome parts... The Avengers  
I'm a very late convertee to The Unit, so this looks like a treat: Act of valor
 She said 'Nob' hee hee! Ahhhhh, actually this looks pretty interesting: Albert Nobbs

Young Adult

Michael Behn, the post apocolyptic genre, and a 'Lifeboat' story, how could it not be great...  The Divide


Face Hugger 101

The Complete Chewbacca

From Savage Chickens

Artist: Minchi

Sometimes erotic, always whimsical artist Minchi.

The Ultimate Dungeon Master Screen?

I think I pee'd my pants a little...

Dungeon Bastard

One of my new favourite things, hard hitting, nor prisoners analysis of roleplaying and Dungeons and Dragons.

Illustrator: Peter Deseve


Rage Against The Interview

I’m not sure if this developer interview with the makers of RAGE is the worst or best ‘reviewer’ interview I’ve ever read… but it IS certainly the most honest, and kind of highlights (perhaps unfairly) the assumed truths of the first person shooter genre. 

Typographer: Sean Freeman

A stunning typographer (among other things) Sean Freeman


The Beardfolio of Matt Rainwaters (lots of other great photography here too…)

Photographer: L.J.

Gripping portraiture photography by L.J

Men Ups

Photographer Rion Sabean presents men as iconic ‘pin ups’

Trailer: The Other F Word

An interesting documentary sharing iconic punk rockers (in the modern sense of the word) transitioning into the world of fatherhood.

Empire Strike A Pose

This is just gorgeous; a little boys reaction to his first viewing of The Empire Strikes Back. Hopefully they’ll follow it up with The Crying Game, Old Boy and the Usual Suspects. 


The extras from the Star Wars trilogy, immortalised in plasticine by Elliot Quince