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1 line, 500 People.

A Sequence of Lines Traced by Five Hundred Individuals from clement valla on Vimeo.

Garganturban Art

Urban art on a gargantuan scale.

Monumental Communism

Yugoslavian communist monuments.

The Alamo 01

A great series of movie posters from Jason Munn, for the Alamo Drafthouse cinema.

The Great Depression

An amazing catalogue of photography form The Great Depression.

George Lucas Strikes Back!


George Lucas Strikes Back for all of Star Warsdom with the craziest movie mashup; middle finger to the prequels and general awesomeness!


A fantatsic and extensive project by Alan Sailer, photographing the shooting of 'things'

An Invitation to Assassination

A rather dark but clever design project: Invitations to Assassinations.

Illustrator/Designer: Jon Contino

Illustrator and designer Jon Contino

Cliches... And Sharks.

A surprisingly interesting explanation of Where Clich├ęs Come From

Learn the 'Ropes' at Disney

This document has just been released, a Disney Employee Manual from the 40’s: ‘The Ropes’

I've Got An Inkling...

A traditional pen that draws AND records your markings digitally: The Wacom Inlking… I think I just peed my pants a little.

Photographer: Brooke Shaden

Whimsical photographer Brooke Shaden

Blog: Star Wars Remix

A Blog that features mundane objects with a Star Wars theme.

A New, Artistic Leaf

Artist Binh Danh has developed a of chlorophyll photographic printing process

Movie Trailer: John Dies at the End

Real Ewoks

After a family trip in the wilderness, Anthony Herrera wanted to cconvincing his kids that Ewoks are real.


Illustrator: Owen Gatley

Illustrator: Owen Gatley

Lego Relativity

Escher's 'Relativity' in LEGO, check out Andrew Lipson's other work too...


Early colour photography of Russia

Black Bart

The complete Bart Simpson blackboard catalogue.

Super Obvious Secrets That I Wish They’d Teach In Art School

A brilliant artricle on one of my favourite blogs by Phil McAndrew

Zombie Win!

"There are all kinds of emergencies out there that we can prepare for. Take a zombie apocalypse for example. That’s right, I said z-o-m-b-i-e a-p-o-c-a-l-y-p-s-e. You may laugh now, but when it happens you’ll be happy you read this, and hey, maybe you’ll even learn a thing or two about how to prepare for a real emergency."
 From the site of the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention

Photographer: Joshua Simpson

Photographer Joshua Simpson

Evergreen Pin Ups

The reference photos for famous pinup artist Gil Elvgren have emerged. See them alongside the final works.


Movie: 13

Late one night I sat enthraled, watching part of a film on SBS (that didn’t involve Nudity or Hitler for once) involving a kind of competitive team version of ‘Russian roulette’. That film is being remade (by the same Director) for western audiences. Check it out, but maybe check out the original first…

The Original

Movie Trailers

Perfect Sense

Son Of No One 

Wuthering Heights

The Lie
A call out to two amazing TV Series we’ve just finished. 

Big Love

A truly compelling series about a polygamist family in Utah; Imagine the Sopranos, centred around the Mormon church, set in Twin Peaks. This series just gets better with each season which finishing on a high at Season 5 (and mercifully short 10-13 episode seasons, for those of you like us, already have a few hundred series they are already trying to get through). Don't be put off by the subject matter, this is brilliant T.V..


One of my favourite comedians does a kind of gritty, brutally honest ‘adults only’ Seinfled (if Seinfeld was a middle aged single dad). It drifts between documentary style ‘fly on the wall’ storytelling and the truly surreal. It is art, it is cutting edge adventurous comedy and not for the faint of heart.


An interesting process for producing Harry Potteresque Cinemagraphs

Questionable Views

Amusing and ‘cool’ Posters that ironically celebrate ‘questionable’ views of the past.

An interesting exhibition of new posters for old school video games.

Silo Nine

My Art Director from Infinite Interactive; as well as spending a lot of time talking to me about Westerns, inspired me with his dedication to writing the ‘great’ Australian horror novel. S.J. Ford has just finished his first book published for the kindle- Silo Nine.

Illustrator: Riccardo Guasco

Italian Illustrator and Art director Riccardo Guasco

Black Velvet

Gorgeous ‘Black Velvet’ paintings of pop culture icons


Illustrator: Scott Balmer

Flexible and conceptual U.K. illustrator Scott Balmer.

Miss Cosplay

I had no idea that the lines between Miss Universe and Cosplay were so thin…

Illustrator: Roman Klonek

Polish, German based illustrator Roman Klonek

Pleeease Make Peeeaaace...

I am still a loving fan of the evergreen Dark Crystal movie and universe and always thought about creating my own homebrew RPG- looks like I won’t need to now!

An Interview with Tom Waits

A fantastic interview with one of my favourite musicians; TomWaits by Elizabeth Gilbert who gives her own very intersteing talk.

Skyrim Preview

As Morrowind is probably my favourite game of all time and as a BIG fan of Fallout 3... It is not surprising that these 20 minutes with Skyrim have me preparing to write off my spare time until June next year…

The Sleep of Babes

An amazing photstudy of Where Children Sleep by James Mollison, but be sure to check out all his other equally stunning work.

Woodcraft Totems

Papercraft like Woodsculpture of A.J. Fosik


The Papercraft (and more) of Carlo Giovani

Fruit Served On A Flatbead Scanner.

Designer Matt Walford uses a flatbed scanner and a bit of digital magic to create some innovative 'cross sections'

The Puzzle of Lego

A clever Ad campaign creating a Lego 'word' puzzle.