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Three Little Things

Three little things I have enjoyed immensely recently that I want to share with you...

Podcast: The Nerdist Podcast
What do Stan Lee, Tom Cruise, Brian Henson, Metallcia, Goerge RR Martin, Tina Fey and Joss Whedon have in common? They and hundreds of other comedians, actors, writers, directors, performers and creatives have sat down with comedian Chris Hardwick and shared their career and creative process in a casual but insightful series of interviews. The guest list on this Podcast is vast and varied and if you can't find an episode that doesn't interest you, you better check your pulse. Check it out.

Webseries: Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis
What do Conan O'brien, Justin Bieber and President Obama have in common? They like a hand full of very straight faced celebrities have sat down with actor/comedian Zach Galifianakis (literally) between two ferns and shared a train wreck of a less than insightful, but FUCKING hilarious series of interviews. Check it out.

T.V. Series: In the Flesh
Zombie fan? Sick of Zombies? This is a very special series for both of you. Teenager Kieren Walker is a victim of 'Partially Deceased Syndrome' sufferer in a world post 'Rising' of the dead (that's old school 'rising' from the grave), where the undead horde has been 'cured' rehabilitated and reintegrated (or at least for as long as they take their serum). This series explores issues parallel with a community in the wake of civil war. What happens when the the defeated 'oppressors' return to the same communities they terrorised? How does a family (who have already moved on after their loved ones death) deal with that community's prejudice? What about their own? And what about the 'returned'? Is this a second chance at life or a mockery of what was before? What about the guilt of having harmed so many? This drama (not horror) is a holistic and intelligent attempt to envisage a real, post Zombie apocalypse.



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