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Movie Trailers

Dallas Buyers Club

We Are What We Are

The Turning

Beautiful Losers

Generation Iron

Dead Before Dawn


3 Secrets To Designing Great Toys, From LeapFrog and Ideo

“When kids get older, they try hard not to hurt your feelings,” Boyle says. “So we tell them, ‘We didn’t design this, we’re just testing it for someone else. And we give them official toy tester stickers.”


A little bit of craft, a little bit of photography and a little bit of set design by Jessica Dance

Meals Interupted by Davide Luciano

  Some wonderfully contemplative photography by Franck Bohbot

Inside things by Jing Zhang


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Blue Caprice

The Book Thief


The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete


Card Game: Cards Against Humanity

My brother in-law recently gave us Cards against Humanity.  
Often described as a 'mature' version of Apples to Apples; a game I find overrated, it kind of sat guiltily on our shelf for some time… 
But the other night I pulled it out and before I even had a chance to read the rules (which tales about 30 seconds) there were expressions of genuine horror and bewilderment from an otherwise difficult to shock crowd as they looked down at their cards…

Originally Kickstarted, CAH is a simple process of matching suggestive question to horrific answer; it's compact, simple, quick to learn and holy fuck... did we have a laugh playing this game!

If you think Cum Guzzling Pacman, Robust Mongolid, Flying Sex Snakes and German Dungeon Porn might tease laugh out of you too, then buckle up cowboy, shit's about to get real! 
Thanks Mike!

Get a (bad) taste here.


Fan Film: Judge Minty

Another fantastic, high production fan-film, this one lifted from one of my favourite universe' Judge Dredd, inspired by the recent, surprisingly amazing big screen adaptation Dredd. This film documents a canon story from the comics, of veteran Judge Minty's 'Long Walk'. You should also consider voting for a Dredd sequel!


A life-size papercraft Jack from Mass Effect 3 by Tankball. With a video of how it was made.

Haven't read the book myself , but Super Graphic as featured on Co.Design is a wonderful collection of Superhero infographics.

Linked from Austin Kleon's Blog Geoff Dyer’s ten rules for writing fiction and I would have to agree with Austin's favouirte:
Have more than one idea on the go at any one time. If it’s a choice between writing a book and doing nothing I will always choose the latter. It’s only if I have an idea for two books that I choose one rather than the other. I always have to feel that I’m bunking off from something.

From Co. Design an interesting article on the shaping and character design of Disney's new videogame Infinity.

Frank Hallam Day's photographs of wilderness RV campsites.

A lovely study of Lost Hoops by Adrian Skenderovic

Gorgeous editorial illustration by Gavin Potenza



Dying Light (Pre Alpha trailer) The Wolf Among Us (The Walking Dead creators do the Fables comic)
Blood Dragon Michael Biehn parodying himself and every awesome 80's action movie ever with an oldschool FPS which does away with all those overly complex COD button combos. A perfect soundtrack homage, SNES cut scenes, and the best tutorial system ever and nothing to do with it's Farcry foundation. This is a breath of fresh air to which I literally laughed out loud playing it!


Video Shorts

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Season 2
The Art Of Punk - Dead Kennedys - The Art of Winston Smith


How I Live Now Mother of George The Unforgiven McCanick



Ransom & Mitchell's breathtaking photography.

Beard Fonts (sadly mine's not there...)

A very unique adaptation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Michael Sieben

Fantastically conceptual and prolific illustrator Emiliano Ponzi


T.V. Dates

I'm almost sick of myself how much I talk about T.V. series, but I can't... help... myself. So here's a great roundup on Dark Horizons of upcoming shows...

My highlights:

Saturday, August 10th
"Hell on Wheels: Season 3" (AMC)

Sunday, August 11th
"Breaking Bad: Season 5.5" (AMC)

Tuesday, September 10th
"Sons of Anarchy: Season 6" (FX)

Tuesday, September 24th
"NCIS: Season 11" (CBS)

Thursday, September 26th
"Parks and Recreation: Season 6" (NBC)

Wednesday, October 9th
"Arrow: Season 2" (The CW)

Sunday, October 13th
"The Walking Dead: Season 4" (AMC)

Early-Mid 2014 TBD
"Community: Season 5" (NBC)
"Game of Thrones: Season 4" (HBO)
"Louie: Season 4" (FX)
"Veep: Season 3" (HBO)
"Vikings: Season 2" (History)

TBD 2014
"Misfits: Series 5" (Channel 4)


Podcast: We're Alive

I just discovered an amazing serialized Podcast.
'We're Alive' follows the story of Michael, an off-duty professional soldier and his crew of survivors during the beginning of a Zombie apocalypse; focusing like all good Zombie fiction on the interrelationships of the living rather than the Zombies themselves.
Interestingly, the author IS a retired soldier and professional sound designer which contribute to an authentic, old school radio drama, with high production values, great sound design and professional voice actors.
The series is free, running 4 (currently in it's last) seasons, each episode broken into three parts. Even if you're suffering Zombie fatigue, it's a wonderful storytelling experience.

Check out the site or sync every episode in itunes.


Machete Kills The Canyons The Counselor Her CBGB


Movie Trailers

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Romeo & Juliet After Tiller Single Shot Comes the Night American Hustle Almost Human Bad Milo

Podcast: This American Life

This American Life is an amazing Public Radio show and weekly Podcast that uses a combination of journalism, editorial, memoirs, short fiction and interviews to share the diversity of American life (though it is anything but Americentric). From the madness of Patent Law, to a profile of an Obama lookalike to week with a High School on the edge of gang violence. Ii is highly informative, deeply insightful and often very moving.

Some episodes focus on a single person, situation or event; others present a diverse range of articles around a single theme.

A great place to start is their recent 500th episode which gives a good overview of what the show's about. Otherwise you can check out the archive, subscribe in iTunes for the latest episodes or even watch the T.V. Show which ran for two seasons.