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Dead End Thrills

A site dedicated to the beauty and brilliance of video games through screenshots.


Elevator Prank
(this literally had me in tears...) An equally terrifying (at least for me) National Geographic Doco on Solist (climbing with no gear) Alex Honnold.


The Walking Dead Video Game

I'm down on record as a Zombiphile, and fan of both Comic and T.V. series of The Walking Dead, so when I tell you that the 5 episode The Walking Dead video game is one of the best games I've ever played, you are probably taking it with a grain of salt... But put the salt down,sign up to Steam and download it!
It is a game that transcends gaming,;even the casual gamer and luke warm Zombie fan should appreciate this incredible example of compelling story telling, genuine role-playing and terrible, difficult decision making with real consequences.

Indoor Clouds

Berndnaut Smilde is an artist who explores space; including some interesting photography using carefully prepared conditions and a smoke machine to ccreate and capture clouds indoors.

Pop Culture V Streetwear Culture

I don't know what an American footballer has to do with Megatron (Transformers) but with this clothing line, who cares!

A new line of Echo Star Wars!

Star Wars Advent Calendar

Get a Star Wars Advent calendar for the last minute countdown to Christmas!


Thoughtful contemporary work bySydney design studio End Of Work

 Some stunning and varied Canadian Studio lg2boutique

Artist: Kate Tucker

Melbourne artist Kate Tucker works with perception through processes of ordering.

Infographic: The Future According to Popular Fiction

A timeline commissioned by Brainpickings by designer Giorgia Lupi showing all the major historical changes in our timeline according to popular fiction... 


D's Darth

This was the last 'D' illustration I used for my current business card; the others (from previous Dsends), Dragon, Dinosaur, Devil, Dorothy and Death are all available as posters on Artflakes. I'm seriously considering a full Alphabet series now... Enjoy!


The ABC's of death (NSFW)

On The Road


Warm Bodies



Design Studio: Mogollon

 NY Design Studio Mogollon

Photography: Simen Johan

Photographic dioramas and taxidermy cataloguing the human condition: Simen Johan

Print Aid NYC

Print Aid NYC is a coalition of New York City-based artists committed to helping our neighbors and rebuilding our city in the wake of Hurricane Sandy's devastation. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Mayor's Fund for Hurricane Relief. If you are an artist who calls NYC home and would like to join us, get in touch. To remain updated and learn of progress, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you for your support.  We are humbled by the goodness of people.


How Predictable Are You? (Magmathmatics)

A South American Odyssey (3 men, one video)

Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (Stop Motion Animation, with frames available for sale!)

Video Games Aren’t Actually Destroying Our Brains (Ted Talk)


D's Bazaar

A little job I did recently for the local school's Bazaar.

Coffee Art on Twitter

I'm not a Twit, but if you are, perhaps you'd enjoy @george_10g's rather nifty Coffee art.

I Want my Stapler

Far from the bitter respite of Office Space, behold the humble beauty of the Stapler.


Oz the Great and Powerful Any Day Now Heleno

Star Wars Audition Tapes

With the Star Wars franchise changing hands, there is a multitude of new directors auditioning for a chance to direct the next picture.
Wes Anderson

Todd Phillips

Tom Six


D's Dragon

With the Hobbit on the way, I got a little Smaugish...

Rejected Star Wars Merchandise

A series of articles by product designer Jason Geyer who was asked (along with his team) to pitch for Star Wars merchandise... This is what they rejected.

Article 1
Article 3


Photography that is literally good enough to eat by Sakir Gokcebag

Nikon 2012 Photomicrography Competition


A stunning Illustrated book of Don Quichotte De a Manche from the 1960s by Riera Rojas on this rather wonderful blog I just discovered called Book Graphics.

The Communist Manifesto illustrated by Fernando Vicente


Rust and Bone
West of Memphis
Eames: The Architect and the Painter

Side Effects
Maniac (Extreme Violence)

World War Z is one of my favourite books. The movie is written by one of my favourite T.V. series creators... The trailer looks good... But it kind of goes against a lot which made the book great- BUT, it's too early to tell, fingers crossed.

Battlestar Gallactica: Blood & Chrome

Web Videos

Best Of Web 3 IMDB's Top 250 (actually 300)


Sony Music Timeline

Sony Music has unveiled a graphic installation documenting the company's 125 year musical history. Designed by Alex Fowkes...  The Installation features nearly 1000 names of artists signed to Sony Music and its affiliated labels from the foundation of Columbia Records in 1887 to the present day... The work is organised by decade into 54 columns measuring over 2 meters tall and covering almost 150 square meters of wall space.

Design Studio: Two Arms

I really admire studios like this, employing illustration alongside a very strong design aesthetic applied to a broad range of work. Studio: Two Arms

Beautiful Stills from Beautiful Films

A rather impressively cross-referenced website archive featuring