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The Offic... Ministry

As a bit of an 'Office' tragic I was intrigued to hear about The Ministry a The Office inspired mocumentary that follows The Ministry of Garbage in Hechland Afghanistan.

I am still slightly dubious as to it's authenticity, it's not exactly funny and the sound effects are a little disturbing but it is fascinating and a positive indictment on the progress in Afghanistan for freedom of expression.

There's No Wrong Way to Play Monopoly

5 Things and more that you never knew about Monopoly...

THIS is Social Media

Penny Arcade


I spent my childhood and teens reading my collection of 2000ad cover to cover and it is with great  trepidation that I post Empire Magazine's debut photo's of the reboot of the Judge Dredd comic to movie adaptation.  The Stallone production was a travesty and my lawgivers are crossed for something that is at least a good movie, if not 100% faithful to the character and series.

Stunning, Simple Movie Posters.

 Dean Walton's stunning collection of iconic movie posters, hope he does prints...

The Avengers Character Set

Fluid Fontastic

A stunning fluid 'font' by skyrill design

Movie Trailers

Some good (and possibly good) trailers I've come across this week.


Tucker & Dale Vs Evil

Knights of Badassdom

In Time

The Walking Dead: Series 2

As one who has spent more time planning for the upcoming Zombie infestation than flood, earthquake or fire I am a fan of the comic The Walking Dead. I have mixed feelings on the series; Season 1 was great, but... It just didn't have that big 'Z'that I look for in a Zombie tale. Series 2 looks pretty good though and quite a departure from the comic, perhaps for good reason...

Spiderman Vs. Mirrors Edge

Firstly, I have to go on record as not being the biggest Spiderman fan; comic or films- BUT... I am a comicphile and will see the reboot of the series. I'm still undecided on the the latest trailer it could be an interesting and fresh perspective but it could also be ''High SuperHero Musical''... I guess we'll see. What is interesting is this (possibly conveniently edited) comparison of the trailer with recent video game Mirrors Edge.