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Movie Trailers

After Tiller


Dom Hemingway

The Motel Life

Sunlight Jr.

In Fear



Glove and Boots - Product Testing

Human Dubstep


Still life collection master, Jim Golden is a photographer gettin' some

Illustrator Dan Morrison

Design studio Tangent

Stunning new Batman toy series at Hot Toys

Vulnerable photography of couple who are waiting by Janaro Manova

Handmade Fonts




Grand and petite: Andrew B Myers

Marignal Trades by Supranav Dash

Nick Offerman's (Parks & Recreation) upcoming novel
Shredders Knits


Super sweet, darkly humorous and incredibly clever safety advert for Melbourne Metro. Now viral and apparently the most awarded advert EVER by agency McCann Melbourne check out the full execution (no pun intended).

Ricky Gervais Tells A Story About How He Learned To Write.

Mental Floss:48 Names for Things You Didn't Know Had Names

It’s Not Porn, it's… (NSFW but NOT Porn...)


Movie Trailers

All Is Bright
Blood Ties
Escape from Tomorrow (Eraser head at Disneyland)
RoboCop... (RoboCop fans; punch yourselves in the nuts)


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

I just finished watching Season 8 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and it struck me that unlike a lot of other great T.V. shows (sadly) it is still as sharp and funny and wrong as it was in the beginning. The sitcom centers around a 'Gang' of grotesque, self destructive, petty, immoral, selfish and ultimately repulsive friends running an unsuccessful Irish pub in Philadelphia.
It is shameless, shocking, ridiculous, depraved and laugh out loud funny... But possibly an acquired taste. Check out the 'best of' video below... If you're laughing a minute in, stop and go get the series.


Catherine Charmers breeds, raises and then coordinates her own food chain of sex and death which she documents with photography.

Beautiful textural illustration at the Orlin Culture Shop

Last of the standing buildings on the Eastern seaboard by Ben Marcin.

Fathers and Sons and other great portraits by Craig Gibson.

 Athletes Among Us


Movie Trailers

The Husband Under The Skin

20 years covering combat - Goran Tomasevic


Pop culture illustrator Jublin

Illustrator Riccardo Guasco

 Ethical Conditions by Studio Fynn

 An interview with Legendary Poster designer Drew Struzan on Co.Design

Happy accidents are real and can wind up in the Musuem of Modern Art. After finishing the very first Star Wars poster, Struzan realized he’d simply forgotten to leave enough room to include the credits, names like, oh, George Lucas and Harrison Ford. With no time to start from scratch, he instead ripped up the poster’s edges and added extra paper to the sides. He painted the new background as if the too-small poster had been slapped onto a wooden wall, with Obi-Won Kenobi collaged in. It’s now George Lucas’s favorite poster, and part of MoMA’s permanent collection.