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Abandoned Soviet Installations…

 A stunning and grungy collection of abandoned soviet installations

Fallen Planes

Richard Mosse takes photos of forgotten, fallen planes.

THE THING in 60 Seconds with Pingu

‘Yes Man’ Rick McCallum On The Star Wars T.V. Series

‘Yes man’ Rick McCallum discusses ‘Underworld’ the potential Star Wars T.V. series

DTV: Community

At first glance, Community is a run of the mill U.S. sitcom… but there’s no laugh-track here.
It is a multi-layered, meta-humour laden, pop culture jigsaw puzzle of self-referential geek humour. Its ensemble cast (including Chevy Chase) follows a mismatched study group, forced together at the Greendale Community College. One of my favourite elements is trying to guess what ‘theme’ each episode is about to be hijacked by before it happens… Is this one Star Wars? Dawn of the Dead? Dungeons & Dragons? Batman?

A great example (Perhaps of more interest to the already initiated) of how layered this series is; once during each of its three seasons someone says ‘BeetleJuice’ until the last time, when BeetleJuice appears- Maybe not LOL but it’s definitely one for the nerdspotters BeetleJuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice

Hunger Games

I’ve become a little obsessed by this Is a young adult novel series about to be released as a movie.
I listened to the Audio book of the first in the trilogy over Christmas and don’t be mistaken, it’s no Twilight… Part Running Man, part 1984 part Tomorrow Series it follows a young woman selected as a ‘tribute’ to fight other children to death in a living arena as part of a post-apocalyptic American regime. It is haunting, brutal and thoroughly engaging, I hope the movie does it justice…

Singing Dogs, Volkswagon And Star Wars

I usually say PASS to any ‘animal’ video, so thanks to the person who convinced me to give his advert which combines singing dogs, Volkswagon and Star Wars- Fucking awesome

Badass of the Week!

Written in the style of Maddox: Ben Thompson's Badass of the Week!

LIFECYCLE: 365 days in the life of a bike in NYC

LIFECYCLE: 365 days in the life of a bike in NYC

‘Judge Dredd’ creator: Three reasons I’m excited about new film

Judge Dredd’ creator: Three reasons I’m excited about new film

Post A'PANDA'clypse web series

Prologue to a Post APandalypse web series.

Dungeon Bastard: Edition Wars

Do not click this link unless you have played more than 25 hours of Dungeons and Dragons. Dungeon Bastard: Edition Wars

Skyrim Real Life

Skyrim Real Life

Retro Illustrator: Annette Marnat

Retro Illustrator: Annette Marnat

Illustrator, Designer: Justin Mezzell

A stunning and broad Illustrator Designer: Justin Mezzell

Couples Wrapped In Plastic

Couples wrapped in plastic (only very slightly NSFW): Photographer Hal!!

Wedding Invitation Colouring Book

A great idea for a wedding invitation.

Prolific Minimalist Poster Artist

Prolific Minimalist Poster artist.

Movie Trailers

If you click one link today, make it this one: FDR: American Badass! trailer

On The Ice (Alaskan Thriller)

The Front Line (Korean War Film)

Moonrise Kingdom (Wes Anderson’s latest)

West of Memphis A doco (from Wingnut films) about crime and false imprisonment in Aransas.

Alter Egos A kind of low budget Juno with superheroes… I think…

Detachment ‘Teacher’ movie interesting at the least due to its cast…

The Kid With A Bike

Scary Girl Video Game

A very talented, hardworking illustrator and friend of mine; Nathan Jurevicius has finally got his Scary Girl universe turned into a video game

DTV: Breaking Bad

We just finished season 4 of breaking bad and godamnit if this isn’t one of the greatest  TV series ever (yeah, I know I say that every time)
I was a bit of a late comer, with multiple fellow TVphiles telling me to get on board but ‘It’s about how a science teacher who gets cancer and becomes a meth cook’ just didn’t sell it to me… And that’s because that doesn’t do it justice. It’s one of those magical combinations of thoughtful, evocative camera work, a complex script and ever evolving, multilayered character arcs (for every character).
It’s one of those series where you talk to someone about your favourite character and you end up naming them all… even the bad ones- especially the bad ones!
It is a multi-layered, visceral and original, descent into the dark, in which your allegiances are continuously changing…  If you LOVE great TV then don’t think about it, just get started, here’s the opening of the Pilot.
AND, (this is ‘SPOILER’ for the whole series so only watch if you’re up to date) Here’s a gorgeous Supercut with all the amazing POV shots used throughout the series.

Interview: George Lucas

Interview: George Lucas

"Why would I make any more when everybody yells at you all the time and says what a terrible person you are?"

We don’t want you to stop making films George, just stop making shit ones…

Mr Dictator Head

Mr Dictator Head

Artwork Rip-Off Spotter Site

Artwork Rip-Off Spotter Site: You Thought We Wouldn’t notice, But We Did…

15 things I learned from the 101 greatest screenplays list.

Article:  15 things I learned from watching and writing about the writer's guild of America's 101 greatest screenplays list.

Movies Looking At The Camera

Breaking the Fourth Wall Look at the camera

Andy Serkis Goes Ape

The amazing Andy Serkis as Caesar in Rise of the Planet of the Apes

All-round Designer: Jude landry.

An amazing Design all-rounder: Jude landry.


Passive-Aggressive Vegan Grocery Cashier

As the suffering husband of a Vegan, I can appreciate this: Passive-Aggressive Vegan Grocery Cashier: A Day in the Life.

Stunning Paper Art

Stunning Paper Art

How Many Stephen Colberts Are There?

How Many Stephen Colberts Are There? By

I say not enough...

"There used to be just two Stephen Colberts, and they were hard enough to distinguish. The main difference was that one thought the other was an idiot. The idiot Colbert was the one who made a nice paycheck by appearing four times a week on “The Colbert Report” (pronounced in the French fashion, with both t’s silent), the extremely popular fake news show on Comedy Central. The other Colbert, the non-idiot, was the 47-year-old South Carolinian, a practicing Catholic, who lives with his wife and three children in suburban Montclair, N.J., where, according to one of his neighbors, he is “extremely normal.” One of the pleasures of attending a live taping of “The Colbert Report” is watching this Colbert transform himself into a Republican superhero."

And his testimony before the House immigration subcommittee.

Charming & Conceptual Illustratior: Andrew Lyons

Charming & conceptual Illustration by Andrew Lyons

Late Night Skyrim

I’ve been playing Skyrim a lot recently (of course) and I might have done this once or twice…

Superheroic Foetuses: Alexandre Nicolas

Superheroic Foetuses by  Alexandre Nicolas

13 Tips For Single Dames

13 Tips For Single Dames c/o Buzzfeed

Raiders of the Lost Ark vs. 30 Other Films

Beauty in Videogames

A site dedicated to beauty and art in videogames Deadend Thrills

Freddie W 2011 In Review

I'm a late comer to the work of FreddieW and work hard he does… This is his ‘year in review’ but it should giive you a good indication of what he does. He's attracted a star studded cast to his plethora of amazing productions of crazy video game popc ulture madness. Enjoy...

Doritos ‘crash’ the Superbowl

Competition by Doritos for the public to ‘crash’ the Superbowl which I discovered through this rather amusing non finalist.


Stunning Paper Collage: Derek Gores

Stunning Collage by Derek Gores

Lego Cube Dudes

CubeDude Walrus Man

Lego Cube Dudes by Angus MacLane

Design Studio: Telegramme

A very cool design studio: Telegramme

Give Your Kids a Terrible Present

I’ve always said you should give your kids a piece of coal one year for Christmas, just so they know Santa means business… I guess someone else had a similar idea

Surreal Everyday Objects: Photographer David Sykes

Surreal plastic textures of photographer David Sykes

Pipe Sculptor Kang Duck-Bong

An exhibition by sculptor Kang Duck-Bong of artworks constructed with hand painted PVC pipe.

Axe Cop

For those of you not familiar with Axe Cop, it is a fucking pearler of a webcomic written by a five year old and illustrated by his 29 year old brother.
I just discovered Episode 1 of AXE COP The web series

Axe Cop: The Movie - Part 1 from Peter Muehlenberg on Vimeo.