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DTV: Community

At first glance, Community is a run of the mill U.S. sitcom… but there’s no laugh-track here.
It is a multi-layered, meta-humour laden, pop culture jigsaw puzzle of self-referential geek humour. Its ensemble cast (including Chevy Chase) follows a mismatched study group, forced together at the Greendale Community College. One of my favourite elements is trying to guess what ‘theme’ each episode is about to be hijacked by before it happens… Is this one Star Wars? Dawn of the Dead? Dungeons & Dragons? Batman?

A great example (Perhaps of more interest to the already initiated) of how layered this series is; once during each of its three seasons someone says ‘BeetleJuice’ until the last time, when BeetleJuice appears- Maybe not LOL but it’s definitely one for the nerdspotters BeetleJuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice

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