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DTV: Breaking Bad

We just finished season 4 of breaking bad and godamnit if this isn’t one of the greatest  TV series ever (yeah, I know I say that every time)
I was a bit of a late comer, with multiple fellow TVphiles telling me to get on board but ‘It’s about how a science teacher who gets cancer and becomes a meth cook’ just didn’t sell it to me… And that’s because that doesn’t do it justice. It’s one of those magical combinations of thoughtful, evocative camera work, a complex script and ever evolving, multilayered character arcs (for every character).
It’s one of those series where you talk to someone about your favourite character and you end up naming them all… even the bad ones- especially the bad ones!
It is a multi-layered, visceral and original, descent into the dark, in which your allegiances are continuously changing…  If you LOVE great TV then don’t think about it, just get started, here’s the opening of the Pilot.
AND, (this is ‘SPOILER’ for the whole series so only watch if you’re up to date) Here’s a gorgeous Supercut with all the amazing POV shots used throughout the series.

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