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Much Ado About Nothing


The Condemned


In The House


The Rooster Of Death Metal

The Conjuring

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Oz The Great & Powerful

Ironman 3


Youtube Shake

So, if you still don't know what this whole Harlem Shake thing is, click below... If you do and you want to see something clever, go to Youtube and type in 'Do the Harlem Shake'.


Strip Search

Prolific (and one of my favourite) Webcomics Penny Arcade have began a their very own 'reality series' looking for the next big Webcomic artist!
In 2011, the Creators (a.k.a. Mike and Jerry) declared to the Penny Arcade office that a reality show based on webcomics must be done. After a year of research and a successful Kickstarter stretch goal (thank you!), the stage had been set for 12 Artists flown from around the world to compete for $15,000 in cash and a year integrated into the Penny Arcade machine. Through a variety of events and challenges, these 12 will fight, claw, write, and draw until only one Artist remains. Friends may or may not be made.


Rebecca Martinez's PreTenders series of not so real babies.

  A little project giving people the chance to take their own series of photos and choose the best- DIY

Illustrative Photographer Matt Walford

Chines landscapes... from landfill

Head Like an Orange, GIFs from the natural world.


Pencil carving by cerkahegyzo

Alice Finch took a year to build her Lego Hogwarts

DIY Foldable, Animal Lampshades.  

The McNabb & Co. City Series

Graphic Design and Illustration

Too much great work over at Shed Labs to choose from!

Aussie Studio Christopher Doyle & Co.

Christopher Doyle & Co.

11 Nuggets Of Advice For Design Students, Direct From The Pros on Co.Design

  1. Stefan Sagmeister (New York, U.S.): "Work your ass off + Don’t be an asshole"
  2. Urs Lehni (Lehni-Trüb/Rollo Press/Corner College, Zurich, Switzerland): "Design is a lot of work’ (Cornel Windlin) + Don’t be late (again)"
  3. Paul Barnes (London, U.K.): "Look at the books in the library + Don’t expect to get your way at all times"
  4. Maki Suzuki (Abake, London, U.K.): "Try everything + Don’t read, watch, look at design compilation books or blogs"
  5. Matthias Görlich (Studio Matthias Görlich, Darmstadt, Germany): "Find it out for yourself + There are easier ways to earn money, honestly"
  6. Margaret Calvert (London, U.K.): "Enjoy + Don’t waste time" Liza Enebeis (Studio Dumbar, Rotterdam, Netherlands): "Whatever you do, explore the extremes, and don’t lose your sense of humour + If there is something else you want to do apart from design then do something else"
  7. Jan Wilker (karlssonwilker, New York, U.S.): "You suck--use this status wisely, then it’s only temporary + It’s a long-distance run, not a sprint"
  8. Isabelle Swiderski (Seven25, Vancouer, Canada): "Sketch, sketch, sketch + Don’t fall in love with your ideas"
  9. Fons Hickmann (Fons Hickmann m23, Berlin, Germany): "Be curious + Be afraid but go for it nonetheless"
  10. Daniel Eatock (London, UK): "Explore, invent + Scalpels are very sharp"
  11. Brian Webb (Webb & Webb, London, U.K.): "Don’t ever apologize for a job + If you’re not enjoying it, don’t do it”

Christopher Doyle & Co.

Christopher Doyle & Co.

Christopher Doyle & Co.