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Movie Trailers

I wasn't going to post again this year, but there's too many interesting films...

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Bad words

Edge of Tomorrow

Welcome to Yesterday

The Double

Knights of Badassdom


Earth to Echo

Jupiter Ascending


Dsend 2013

Another Friday and another Dsend! This is the last post until 2014 and as with every year, I look back at the best links and repost them for you to see anew. If you're not a clicker, take the time to have a look at a post you skipped, they're all worth a look!

Dsend and Dblog is a lot of (enjoyable) work and this year I've tried to be more fastidious and economical with my posts so I hope you're still been enjoying it. Thanks to those who have emailed me to appreciate, suggest, discuss or even correct a link.

I would also invite you to get more involved and make a comment on the blog, on any post you enjoyed... or hated for that matter!

It's been a strange year for me personally, with lot's of changes and more in the new year; and as always, with each year I will be reassessing Dsend and the Blog and how best to move forward in 2014... 

Thanks again to all for your support, enjoy the links and have a great Christmas.


Best of D 2013: D's Work

Illustration from my game night.

Logo for Sculptured Entertainment

User interface for Peleda by Fiasco Studios

My hottest product on RedBubble

 Character Design for food product


Best of D 2013: Three Dimensions

Diana Beltren Herrera's Paper Sculpture birds.

Lisa Nilsson's Paper cross sections

The Alternative Limb project

The handmade font project

Tankball's lifesize cardboard Jack from ME2

David Mcleod's 3D typography 

9 Frame Films Blog

Best of D 2013: Humour

Goats Yelling Like Humans


Critique of "Monkey Farter"

Medieval Land Fun-Time World
It's Not Porn...


Best of D 2013: Illustration

David Jablow's doodlepad illustrations.

Super Hero Kids by Andy Fairhurst

 Bill Mayer

  Michael Hacker

Scott Macdonald

Erik Olsen

Best of D 2013: Process

25 Greatest Unscripted Scenes in Films

Joss Whedon '87 - Wesleyan University Commencement Speech

Austin Kleon's Blog

The Heroes Journey by Glove and Boots

Mad Man David Ogilvy's 10 Qualities of Creative Leaders
Kickstarter in Australia...