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Card Game: Cards Against Humanity

My brother in-law recently gave us Cards against Humanity.  
Often described as a 'mature' version of Apples to Apples; a game I find overrated, it kind of sat guiltily on our shelf for some time… 
But the other night I pulled it out and before I even had a chance to read the rules (which tales about 30 seconds) there were expressions of genuine horror and bewilderment from an otherwise difficult to shock crowd as they looked down at their cards…

Originally Kickstarted, CAH is a simple process of matching suggestive question to horrific answer; it's compact, simple, quick to learn and holy fuck... did we have a laugh playing this game!

If you think Cum Guzzling Pacman, Robust Mongolid, Flying Sex Snakes and German Dungeon Porn might tease laugh out of you too, then buckle up cowboy, shit's about to get real! 
Thanks Mike!

Get a (bad) taste here.

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