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A call out to two amazing TV Series we’ve just finished. 

Big Love

A truly compelling series about a polygamist family in Utah; Imagine the Sopranos, centred around the Mormon church, set in Twin Peaks. This series just gets better with each season which finishing on a high at Season 5 (and mercifully short 10-13 episode seasons, for those of you like us, already have a few hundred series they are already trying to get through). Don't be put off by the subject matter, this is brilliant T.V..


One of my favourite comedians does a kind of gritty, brutally honest ‘adults only’ Seinfled (if Seinfeld was a middle aged single dad). It drifts between documentary style ‘fly on the wall’ storytelling and the truly surreal. It is art, it is cutting edge adventurous comedy and not for the faint of heart.

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