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Go Make Me A Sandwich

I only just discovered the statement 'go make me a sandwich' and all it implies; I guess it's just not part of my (Antipodean perhaps) meme. I also just discovered the site; Go Make Me A Sandwich which proclaims 'How not to sell games to women'.
It's an interesting and important site which draws attention to women's body issues and their general representation in video, board and roleplaying games.

I think it can be a little pedantic at times and what IS an important, relevant issue sometimes gets obscured by the noise  (and I can't say I personally agree with all the posts)... BUT, it is a very thorough and passionate coverage of the industry and its author makes no apologies nor disguises the fact that it is a proactive,sometimes extreme feminist point of view in balance of an industry that ofttimes struggles with it's appalling portrayal of women.

As an artist in video games and a roleplayer and the father of a daughter, it is good to read something that makes you think about those issues; issues I've been considering myself in my own art of late.

Anyway, if you're a gamer or an artist it's an interesting read.

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