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True Detective

A good friend with a (mostly) like-minded taste in T.V. recommended True Detective. All I can say four episodes in, is phenomenal (and thanks!). Starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson it is a hard boiled, deep south detective drama, told from multiple perspectives and timelines. It has a gorgeous saturated palette, gritty visuals, stunning scenery and original, complex characters (I'll take a breath now). It is a harrowing joy to watch from the moment the titles begin, like David Fincher does Twin Peaks and watch for a 6 minute 'Children of Men' style one-take in Episode 4! Interestingly it's an Anthology, each season a different story with different characters...


If you were a fan of the popular Advanced Dungeons and Dragons episode (see above) make sure you check out this season's sequel; Dungeons & Dragons pitting new regular Mike from Breaking Bad against his son Tobias Funke from Arrested Development (or at least said actors) in a surprisingly accurate and tender (if also slightly embarrassing) homage to my favorite hobby. Not as great as the first but a must for fans of the show or hobby!

Walking Dead

Walking Dead is an interesting one. I love it (and its comic source material) but it really divides fans in a most haphazard way. There is generally a sort of agreement with most series as to which one was good or not, every time I speak to a fellow fan, it's all over the place... So I say this knowing that obviously we all want something different form a Zombie T.V. series; but the second half of the fourth and current season has been my favorite. Without spoiling too much, it is everything I want from a Zombie apocalypse take; Like World War Z (the book) it describes a series of short and varied personal experiences of survival, whilst integrating a few of the better short storylines from the comic.


With a bit of free time on my hands I was determined to go back and finish Dexter after stalling with Season 3 (a common pattern it appears after talking to a few friends) and I'm glad I did. I found Dexter to be a pretty solid series from beginning till end, which I think also did a great job of wrapping things up. Definitely worth returning too and persisting if you're a lapsed watcher.

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