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Gabriele Galimberti's Children's Prized Possessions.

 Rob Loukotka's ACME Poster

Lego Job Application Kit

Bodypaint series by Janine Rewell

Serbian Illustrator Bratislav Milenkovic

My favourite comic Powers being made adapted by Sony exclusively for the PS3... Two detectives investigate crime in a hard boiled world of superheroes. Looks like my XBoxOne will have to wait... And read the comic, it will change your life...

Speaking of comics, two amazing webcomics releasing hardcopy volumes...
PVP webcomics legend Scott Kurtz's Table Titans; delightful tale of a group of roleplayers, in game and out on Kickstarter.

And the wonderful Abominable Charles Christopher Vol. 2, a Webcomic everybody should really check out.

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