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D's Weekly Draw

While working as a lead artist at Infinite Interactive (with a pretty awesome team!) I was looking for a way to keep us on our toes during those laborious crunch times and give everyone a chance to flex dormant creative muscle.

Thus The Weekly Draw was conceived...

Each week I'd assign my art team a mock brief.
I would try and devise a technically simple but conceptually challenging (and hopefully fun) task; something broad enough for all tastes and talents but also something that might encourage taking a few risks. I tried to make each task both different from those previous and from our daily work.

In order to foster the importance of creating original, interesting concepts over finessed final artwork I also imposed a time limit of two hours. We were forced to work fast; pick an idea and explore it... As an additional incentive I also scheduled two hours of work time for the task.

The results were fantastic! I think it was a great team building exercise that helped us get through a few hard weeks. It was always exciting to receive the entries and interesting to see how each individual interpreted the brief. Sometimes we succeeded, sometimes we failed but the idea was to have a go, and everyone did!

Below was our first task: I wanted to keep it simple; vaguely related to the project we were working on and something we could put together as a team.
Each artist was assigned a character from the The Usual Suspects movie poster with the task of recreating that character as an unusual Fantasy Archetype (or at least unusual from the usual fantasy trope).

Keep your eye out for further Weekly Draws!

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