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Check out the latest game by developers Fiasco Studios Peleda: a free-to-play sandbox adventure game based on the animated series by Vishus Productions. I may have a vested interest in this game having designed the user interface, knowing both the series and game creators and most of the developers but... it's a gorgeous, fun and quirky little game! Check it out on the ABC. My kids love it!

Rolemodels: A gorgeous set of very personal game cards sourced from 99 exhibiting artists. A huge variety of styles and all stunning.

Photographer Zoe Strauss

An article from Co.Design on Make Art Make Money: Lessons from Jim Henson on Fueling Your Creative Career a book written to debunk the myth that creativity and commerce cannot (or should not) coexist by analysing the career of Jim Henson... I think I'll pick that book up...

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