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Breaking Bad

I'll leave it to better informed critics to tell you about Breaking Bad, but after watching the last episode of the fifth and final season, I would say if you haven't started it, or if you're lapsed viewer, may I suggest you stop watching whatever's on your USB stick and get back on the Bad train.

Every season better than the last, the last season and episode, unlike so many other great series, did NOT disappoint (me at least). Amazing, tight, forward thinking writing, complex characters and gorgeously filmed. It is indeed probably too grim, dark and bleak for some but it IS one of the consistently best and original T.V series I've had the pleasure of watching (if indeed you could call it pleasure!)... Also, now the most pirated...

Keep your eye out for both creator and showrunner Vince Gilligan's Battle Creek and Better Call Saul, prequel series with BB's irrepressible and scene stealing lawyer. Also check out the official store with great stuff like the above print.

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