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Bones 2

Last year I backed my first Kickstarter. It was for a few plastic miniatures, for table top role-playing games. The Reaper Miniatures 'Bones' Kickstarter, aimed to raise enough funds to create the first moulds for their new budget 'plastics' range; to compliment their wonderful, traditional metal range... and it did- Almost 3.5 Million of it's original $30000 Pledge!

I never mentioned the original Kickstarter because of it's niche appeal but after receiving over 200 beautifully sculpted miniatures for a mere $125 for the basic box set (I may or may not have purchased a few 'extras') I thought I should mention that Reaper has just announced Bones 2 (delivery Sept 2014).

So whether you channel your creative juices through RPGs or you're a rabid hobby painter you would do well to pledge a few dollars... or more god help me!

And with 15 minutes on the clock it was at $100,000!

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