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Movie Trailers

Okay, you need to understand exactly how many hours of my life I dedicated to Judge Dredd and the comic 2000ad. Or maybe I shouldn't admit it but trust me, it was a lot... When Stalone stood up for the movie adaptation I trembled in fear and by the time I watched him take off his helmet and kiss Judge Hershey I was ready to be Judge Jury and Executioner myself! So when Karl Urban said that he WASN'T going to take the helmet off in this new version of Judge Dredd for the big screen my ears pricked up. Judgement's still out (see what I did there) but the trailer looks good, but right now, I'll settle for faithful... V/H/S (POV Horror) Chuck Norris - The Movie - 2012 Breaking Bad Season's 1-4 Recap Season 5 is almost here!

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