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2 Things That Were Great!

I just finished two things that have suffered a lot of media discontent recently, a video game called Mass Effect 3 and Alien Prequel Promethus. No reviews or advice follow...

The Mass Effect Series is just simply one of the best franchises in video gaming history (certainly for me) I loved all 3 episodes. There's been a lot of talk about how much of a crime the finale was and quite frankly I just don't get the hate... I'll have to double back over a lot of spoilerific reviews I avoided for the last 3 months. Play it, play them all, it's art, it's genius it transends video gaming. Femshep for the win!

As for Prometheus... I don't think I've seen a good review for this yet, but I thought it was great! It is not without a few issues and (mostly minor) plot holes  and I'm not sure how it fits into the series (Aliens is one of my all time favourite movies) but I enjoyed it a lot. It keeps a lot of the formula of the great Alien movies but it also does it's own thing and well worth a big screen experience.

One of the more minor 'holes' is nicely and amusingly summed up here in this 'spoiler' comic on Penny Arcade!

Decide for yourselves...

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