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TV: The Thick Of It

I've just finished and thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful British comedy T.V. series The Thick of It, a behind the scenes satire of British government and the spindoctory that ensues. Created by Alan Partridge mastermind Armando Iannucci it begins it's first two (strangely) 3 episode seasons as a kind of People Like Us style ultra dry comedy through the masterful third and fourth seasons with a wicked mix of black humour and genuine high drama. There is an Enquiry that is truly breathtaking. Iannucci's own description that it is "Yes Minister meets Larry Sanders" really sums it up best.
Stealing the show is Government director of communications Malcom Tucker who would scare Deadwood's Al Swearingen.

There is a feature film spin-off, In the Loop and a new HBO series, also by Armando Iannucci called VEEP with an unusually successful translation of the formula over to U.S. politics, which I would also recommend.

This scene doesn't really some up the series but I couldn't resist, see if you can guess the movie he's referencing.

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