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Best of 2012: D's Top Media

This is not an objective round up of the best of 2012; it's what I enjoyed and would recommend. Not all are 2012 releases but they are what I watched/read this year!


Hunger Games

A gripping and faithful adaptation of the book. 

John Carter

Awful trailer with hokey aliens about dated source material... 10 minutes in I was regretting not seeing this awesome, pulp romp on the big screen.


I spent a lot of time and pocket money on this comic and a lot of time cursing the Stalone farce. This... was... great... A well cast, serious, hyperviolent, modern interpretation of the comic, faithful to the story and the man.

Moonrise Kingdom

A Gorgeous and heart-warming tale of forbidden tween love and innocence. Quirky, original and every shot a piece of art.


Walking Dead (1-6)

The source for the AMC T.V. series and NOT for the feint hearted.

Powers (12 & 13)

My favourite, ongoing comic series about investigators of Superhero (Powers) crime.  

Bone (the complete series)

A wonderful comic for any generation by a master of his craft. A joy to read. 
PVP (webcomic)
Still one of my favourite webcomics (or comics) having long since evolved into a rich and engaging long form style comic from its gag a a day roots.
The Abominable Charles Christopher (webcomic)
Outstanding art, unique and endearing humour and a hilarious insight into animal behaviour.

TV Series

Walking Dead Season 3
WD really hits it's stride with Season 3, finding a nice balance between character development and bloody, heartless Zombie horror action. 
Game of Thrones Season 2
Don't care who you are, if you're NOT watching this, just do it...
Parks and Recreation Season 4
As hilarious and warm as its central character, this is a great series about a small town government department for those who likes cringe comedy but find The Office too close to their working reality to enjoy.
Life's Too Short
Ricky and Steve are back with another instalment of their tested formula. Warick is fucking gold in this self pastiche that has you biting your own face off in awkwardness. 
Star Trek: Voyager
2010 was Next Gen, 2011 was DS9, 2012 was the year of my favourite Star Trek series. Revisit all these series, they still stand up and are a lot less saccharine than you remember- I promise.


The Dresden Files 
Hardboiled, supernatural Noir. I read the first 13 (of 14) books this year; each better than the last. I don't know anyone who hasn't continued reading after Book 1... Also check out the Audiobooks read by James Masters.
Ready Player One  
A dystopian, cyberpunk (sort of) sci-fi story about a boy, a video game, a prize and more pop culture references than you could poke a life of 80's, morning cartoons at.
I thought this was boring in high-school. Guess I was an idiot... 
The Hunger Games Trilogy  
I read this after the upcoming movie release piqued my interest. Officially for 'Young Readers' it deals with some pretty dark themes and scenarios that set it apart from Shitelight and make it accessible to more 'sophisticated' readers.
War of the Worlds 
Another classic I visited this year and well deserving the historical kudos. Also check out the Orson Welles radio drama (which still freaks me out).

Video Games

The Walking Dead
Best game I played this year. Real, difficult choices with real, terrible consequences. Fantastic art style, great writing, compelling story and broadly accessible gameplay.
Mass Effect 3
Last episode in one of the greatest game series ever produced. Stunning visuals, engaging characters and an epic tale. Truly a masterpiece. 
The closest thing to a table top roleplaying game. I've clocked 150 hours on this and haven't finished the main story! Bathesda REALLY got it right with this...  
Star Wars The Old Republic
SWTOR went free to play (Along with every other MMORPG) this year and godamn I forgot how much fun these kind of game can be. SWTOR ios a solid, polished and fully realised game with a fully acted  dialogue and single player game style story choices.

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