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What am I watching at the moment?

Community Season 5
Community is back, picking up after a number of major cast changes (additions and subtractions) that may have seen it jumping the Human Bean, but no, the show is indeed back to form as well as fact, and funny as ever; with a nice mix of light drama and the usual self referential pop culture parody. What other series would ask "Nicholas Cage; Good or Bad Actor?"

Parks and Recreation
Season 6 of Parks and Recreation has resumed, and like Community, whilst departing from its roots and obviously accommodating the temporary departures of its cast, P&R continues to deliver its warm but cringe-worthy brand of comedy.

Arrow Season 2
This series just continues to impress... I am NOT a DC superhero guy, and I was very wary of the 'Smallville' appearances of this modern retelling of the Green Arrow, but as the one DC superhero (expect for Lobo maybe) who kind of interests me I gave it a go and well... They just get it right. It's a real Goldilocks, Dark but not too melodramatic, exciting but not over the top, fun but not silly, true to it's roots but willing to play a little with the cannon. The creators of Arrow GET comics but know how not to exclude the non-comic lovers.
No, this is NOT The Sopranos, or Game of Thrones... What it is, is Buffy (with a lead who's very Angel). It treats the story, and us seriously with the very tip of a tongue in cheek.

Hell on Wheels Season 2
It's hard not to compare this series to the Shakespearean Deadwood but don't. It won't immediately hit you over the head like Al's foul temper; but what begins as a straight up Western vengeance story (actually, that' sounds pretty awesome...) becomes a stunning, complex and surprising drama. It's dirty, authentic and mean with artful storytelling, visceral visuals and characters you can't always predict. A must for Western fans but a good series for anyone who loves great T.V.

Walking Dead Season 4 returns Feb 9...
Nuff said...

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