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Strip Search

I've posted about Strip Search before; an online 'reality' T.V. show of sorts created by webcomic legends Penny Arcade With a cash prize and internship with their company up for grabs, a group of 12 artists compete over a week in challenges artistic and related to the business of being a webcomic icon. Each night, two artists are chosen to fight it out realtime- webcomic style! The series has finished now and whilst I was a bit luke-warm in the beginning, I thoroughly enjoyed the series! It is a fascinating look into the industry, full of some great creative challenges and populated by a group of varied and interesting young artists. It's also damned funny, particularly the efforts of Penny Arcade creators Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins in distracting their victims during the elimination challenges. Above is the second episode which is a bit more intersting if you just want a taste, but check out the first if you think it might interest you!

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