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Podcast: The Fourth pLayer

While 'pushing' one of my favourite things (table top Roleplaying games) on fellow ex-THQ employee, Paul 'Hot Lips' Houlihan, I discovered that he is busy with another one of my favourite things, a fantastic new Podcast!
With 17 episodes so far, The Fourth Player is a genuinely insightful, informative and engaging podcast. Presenting a casual, round table discussion of video games, the crew have a great chemistry, good production values and varied content.
Of particular interest is the fact that each of its members come from varying backgrounds within the industry itself and very different tastes in games and preference for platform; making for lively (and amusing) debate.
More than just a plug, I genuinely recommend the Podcast... I'm trawling through it right now... And I can't get that theme song out of my head!

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  1. I endorse this opinion. If anyone has opinions to share or reader mail, email us at mail@thefourthplayer.com?