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D's Star Wars: Rogue Traders

The following article contains nerdity, reader discretion is advised.

One of my hobbies (or in my case 'Life Style choices') is that I play roleplaying games (e.g. Dungeons & Dragons).

As part of a Star Wars game I'm currently running I use an interesting community site called Obsidian Portal to help me manage my game; essentially a repository for information, rules and player journals. This site has literally thousands of other such 'campaigns' and each month they nominate one site as 'Campaign of the Month'... This Month, it was us... Star Wars: Rogue Traders. Now a big part of that award goes to my players who keep a weekly journal of their antics in the game and it is pretty awesome reading (if you're into that sort of thing) but my contribution, in addition to managing the site, has been the artwork.

Essentially this has been a bit of an epic personal project for me, creating characters and 'scenes' from the game sessions. Below is a selection, enjoy.


  1. This is very cool. It reminds me of why I liked 'Star Wars' so much when I was younger ... and the thought of combining it with role playing is great. I'm wondering whether those Gamorian Guards are the protagonists of their own adventure, or whether they're just bad guys in your adventure.

  2. They're the bad guys... But they do have their own story which slowly progresses in the background of the players story... And in turn affects the greater story!